AllPure Replacement FIlters
    AllPure AP-4.0 Replacement FIlter Kit

Filter kit for recommended yearly replacement for AllPure models AP-4.0 and AP-4.0/P, the 4-stage undersink reverse osmosis filter system and the system with booster pump. Typical useful life for these filters is 1 year in an average household. The reverse osmosis membrane should be changed every 3 years for optimal performance.

The AF-100 comes with sediment pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter, granular activated carbon post-filter, “O” rings for filter housing with housing removal wrench and instructions. The AFR-101 adds a 36 GPD RO membrane.


AF-100 Filter Kit - $55
1) sediment 1) GAC carbon 1) post filter

AFR-101- $110
3rd Year Filter Kit w/RO membrane

    Replacement Showerhead Filter
    Package of 2 replacement filters for the AllPure ASA-600 Shower FIlter.  

AFR-602 - $39
pack of 2 filter elements
    Whole House Filter Replacement

Choose the AFR-40 with one pleated 5 micron 4.5" x 20" filter element for the AllPure ABB-400.

Choose the AST-501 with five pleated 5 micron 2.5" x 9.75” filter elements for the AllPure AST-500.

Typical lifespan for both types is 1 year.


AFR-40 Filter - $59

AST-501 Filter Kit- $69
5 filter elements
    Bathroom Countertop Filter Replacement
    Package of 2 replacement filters for the AllPure ACT-200 portable Bathroom Countertop Filter.  

AFR-201 Filter Kit- $35

Inline Replacement Filters
For refrigerators, humidifiers, coffee brewers, icemakers,
bottle-less water coolers and vending machines.

    Encapsulated Inline Carbon Replacement Filters
    NSF approved encapsulated carbon filters with 1/4" female threads come in 6" and 10" sizes.  

AP-6 CLF $20
6" inline carbon filter

AP-10 CLF $25
10" inline carbon filter
    Encapsulated Inline Carbon and Hexametaphosphate FIlters
    Inline encapsulated combination carbon and hexametaphosphate filters with 1/4" female threads. The phosphate in these filters reduces mineral buildup where scaling is a problem.  

AP-6 PCLF $30
6" inline combo filter
AP-10 PCLF $35
10" inline combo filter

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