The Clean Water Solution For Your Entire Home

The AllPure Whole House Concept

AllPure offers products to make the water in your house safe and satisfactory for your use. Our concept is to provide the correct treatment device where it is needed. You can select all or one of these products, as we describe the functions below.

The city water that comes to your home has been cleaned of trash and most of the dirt so it looks clear; and then is chlorinated to kill disease causing bacteria. When it reaches your home there is a measurable amount of smaller size sediment left from the water treatment plant, and additional sediment (sand, dirt, rust) is picked up from the city water lines to your home. It also carries the chlorine and chloramines added at the treatment plant, as well as total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids are picked up from the natural rocks and mineral the water flows over in surface and underground streams, and also the material added from agricultural and industrial and municipal wastes. These are not removed by city water treatment.

AllPure Whole House
Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter
The first step in our Whole House Filter concept is to remove the sediment from all of the water entering your home. Even though the water looks clear to the eye, there is finely divided material suspended in the water that have a size of 10 to 50 microns(.0004" to .002"). This sediment settles in the fabric of the clothes you wash, gradually graying them, gets into the water heater and joins with water hardness minerals to make scale in the water heater, in the dishwasher, coffee maker, strainers in faucets, and makes scum in toilets and bathtubs. The AllPure whole house sediment filter removes suspended particles down to 10-microns size and is designed to last a minimum six of months before a filter change is required. Click here for product information on the sediment filter.


Hard Water Treatment
The next product is the AllPure WaterGard, which is installed on the incoming line to your house to condition the hard water minerals in the water. About 85% of the U. S. has "hard" water, meaning that naturally occurring minerals of calcium and magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates are dissolved in the water to 120 mg/liter (7-grains) or more. This produces scum in the bathtub, scale in the water heater, and "lime scale" in other water functions. Many people have installed water "softeners" to remedy this situation, which is expensive to install and to maintain. Softeners also put 0.46 milligrams of salt into the water for every milligram of hardness taken out. Some counties have enacted laws which prohibit installation of new softeners because of the salt load produced and sent to the sewage plant.

The WaterGard reduces the formation of scale in the water heater, in the dishwasher jets, in the shower head, and scum in the bathtub. It also reduces use of soap and detergents for clothes washing. WaterGard is a low cost. low maintenance alternative to water softeners. The WaterGard is built under a U. S. patent which has been providing de-scaling in hospitals, steel mills, paper mills, restaurants, and cooling towers for over 5-years. The WaterGard is inexpensive, easy to install, is safe, does not touch the water, and uses less than 10-watts electricity. Click here for product information on the WaterGard.

AllPure Undersink
House Sediment Filter

Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Reverse osmosis is the optimal way to rid water of total dissolved solid contaminants. The city water treatment does not remove dissolved solids from the water. The AllPure Reverse Osmosis Filter is a 4-stage system optimized for city water. A carbon filtration stage removes chlorine and chloramines that the city water treatment adds to the water. The carbon filter improves tastes and removes odors. There is also a sediment pre-filter which removes particles of 5-microns. This pre-filter protects the reverse osmosis membrane from early fouling because of dirt. Click here for "About reverse osmosis filtration."

RO systems need pressure to operate. City water pressure, maintained at 60 to 70psig in the U. S. adequately provides the pressure for the RO to remove the dissolved solid contaminants.

The AllPure Reverse Osmosis Filter System is made to fit under the sink, but it also can be installed in the basement or the garage, if within 30-feet of the sink. The installation requires a connection to the tap water supply under the sink and a separate faucet (supplied) on the sink to dispense the clean water. This faucet usually fits in already available holes in most sinks.

To remove the discard water with the rejected impurities, a connection must be made in the drain line ahead of the trap. The rest of the RO system is pre-assembled.
The AllPure RO Filter is tested and approved with Gold Seal certification and is certified by the California Department of Health. It will remove a minimum of 93% of the totally dissolved solids present in the water. Specific materials of concern in agricultural areas are Nitrates and Nitrites. AllPure is certified to remove these materials as well a Chromium-6, another well known industrial contaminant, Lead and Selenium, as well as many others. Click here for product information on the Reverse Osmosis Filter System.

AllPure Countertop
Bathroom Needs

Water for the bathroom sink should be filtered also to remove the tastes and odors of chlorine. The AllPure approach is a countertop filter which is easily attached to the faucet. It can also be moved from place to place. Alternately, a carbon filter can be installed under the sink. Click here for product information on the Countertop Filter.

AllPure Shower Filter

Shower Filter

For the shower, AllPure provides a special shower head with a carbon/KDF to remove the chlorine in the shower water. Chlorine in the water can dry the skin and hair and also gives off fumes in a hot shower. Click here for product information on the Shower Filter.

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